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Diamond Yam We provide the best yam from Colombia

From the Colombian Caribbean to the world. We have the best yams of superior quality in all of Colombia. It is grown in Carmen de Bolívar with all international standards. The producers have been trained by local and international organizations, their crops have been technified and today they have all the certifications.

The project that gives rise to the export-type yam has the support of UNDP and the Korean embassy in Colombia. For all these arguments we dare to say that we have the best yams in Colombia. The fruit goes through quality processes from planting to delivery, which includes packaging and selection, complying with international standards.

Availability: The high quality product is only exported in 5 months of the year, being the season when the best quality yams are extracted.

WEIGHT It ranges between 0.8Kg and 2.5Kg (1.7Lb to 5.5Lb)

TEMPERATURE 18°C – 32°C  .


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